Our Company

Who we are:

AHBA Air Handling Company, is a private aviation ground handling services company, a division of it's mother company "Air Handling & Booking Agency company Ltd". Owned in partnership between Saudi, Zahran Family (85%) and Sudanese businessman Mr. M K Abbas (15%). Air Handling & Booking Agency was founded in 1948 by the late Sheikh/ Ibrahim Ismaeil Zahran. In 1992 AHBA was licensed and approved by Sudan Civil Aviation Authority to provide complete range of aviation ground handling services in the Sudanese airports. The company owns the biggest number of ground
service equipment in Khartoum International airport. In addition to 1500 meters of cargo storage warehouses.

Our Team:

AHBA has over 400 employee, distributed to all ground handling departments such as;

  • Traffic and Ramps
  • Check-in and Luggage counters
  • Cargo Handling and Storage
  • Lost and Found services
  • DGR
  • Safety and Regulatory
  • Weight and Balance

Through long years of hard work under direct supervision and management of three generations, AHBA grew to become a very capable and well equipped company with excellent experience.
We had held the ground handling services of the following airlines with in the past years: Alitalia, Air France, Tunis Air, Sabina, SAS and Saudi Arabian Airlines. Of these, some have found there own offices for self handling and the rest have withdrawn due to commercial circumstances.

We are commited to excellence