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In AHBA Air Handling Co. Ltd., we take our work personally, as we highly respect client’s needs and suggestions; therefore we continue to maintain our services and relationship with the clients even after our work is done. That’s why we succeed in providing our clients a worthwhile experience.

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AHBA Air Handling Company, is a private aviation ground handling services company, a division of it's mother company "Air Handling & Booking Agency company Ltd".

Owned in partnership between Saudi, Zahran Family (85%) and Sudanese businessman Mr. M K Abbas (15%). Air Handling & Booking Agency was founded in 1948 by the late Sheikh/ Ibrahim Ismaeil Zahran.

In 1992 AHBA was licensed and approved by Sudan Civil Aviation Authority to provide complete range of aviation ground handling services in the Sudanese airports. The company owns the biggest number of ground service equipment in Khartoum International airport. In addition to 1500 meters of cargo storage warehouses.

AHBA has over 400 employee, distributed to all ground handling.

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Saudia, also known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, is the national carrier airline of Saudi Arabia.

Cham Wings

Cham Wings Airlines is a private Syrian airline with its head office in Damascus, Syria.


Martin Air is one of the most reliable cargo airlines in Europe.


At flydubai we’re committed to removing barriers to travel and making air travel more affordable.


The "new Germanwings".

Kenya Airways

The pride of Africa.


Royal Dutch Airlines.


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