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Welcome to AHBA online

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In AHBA Air Handling Co. Ltd., we take our work personally, as we highly respect client’s needs and suggestions; therefore we continue to maintain our services and relationship with the clients even after our work is done. That’s why we succeed in providing our clients a worthwhile experience.

AHBA Air Handling Co. Ltd. uses best of its kind facilities and equipment, with professional experts and highly qualified staff in the field of ground handling. WE will provide the maximum quality service the customer deserves.

We can guarantee that if you want a fail safe and satisfying service that is worth to returning to, AHBA Air Handling Co. Ltd. can make it possible.


What we provide

These are the ground handling services AHBA could proudly provide to clients through our over 400 employees and facilities:

  • Traffic and Ramps
  • Check in and Luggage Counters
  • Cargo Handling and Storage
  • DGR
  • Safety, Weight and Balance